Same liberal bull shit

Wake up people, it’s the same liberal political bull shit that comes back years later to bite us in the ass!

Listen well people, this is what traitors sound like. When Iran goes nuclear, just as North Korea has, Obama will be given a pass by the media…just like Clinton was.

It is clear that Iran already had the nuclear weapon and was using it to push this deal in their favor. Look at his recall times change when he talks about them being months away from having the materials. This whole thing seems like a rushed attempt to pay off a terrorist state to prevent the use of an existing nuclear weapon. Just look at the inspection terms, they seem like a weak attempt to appease the public with plausible deniability without having a real impact.
Typical libtard response. Point to another issue to justify another. Also, Suddam violated MULTIPLE UN sanctions, USED WMD’s on the Kurds and his own people (yes dummy look it up), and kicked out UN inspectors out of his country…. This is a disgusting deal made TWICE by Demoncraps! Look at NK today IDIOT… You fucking leftists will destroy this earth and kill MILLIONS of people…

Angry Losers

A Word To The Patronising Minority. Tyranny of the minority. The patronising illiberal elite who think ordinary people are too stupid to vote.

I want Pat Condell to be declared an honorary US citizen and after having been so declared I’d like to see him named Attorney General of the United States! Continue reading

Criminal Migrants

¬†Criminal Migrants … Pay Attention

This video is perfect. The refugees have bitten the hand that fed them. Stand up Europe. Fight for what is yours by right, and by law.

The best rant yet from Pat. Everything he said should cut to the bone. These people are savages and will not contribute to the countries that they have fled to. They should be barred from entering with any means available.

Europe kicked the muslims (Moors) out of Spain in 1609, yet four centuries later you haven’t learned your lesson.!!
I completely understand the sentiment, transparent, logical viewpoints… It isnt so much a matter of immigration, if said immigrants set as their priorities to have a job from the get go, and abide 200% to the country’s rules. But entering a fully civilized country, being illiterate not just in the country’s language, but in their own, not looking for a job, but just to suck on the governments’ tit, and to impose their laws and religion.
It would cost us, the so called “west” a 10% of what we spend with these refugee programs if we were to help them in their own countries. Is not like immigrants with no studies, culture, or manners deserve a better shot at a proper living than the natives of the countries they pretty much invade.
I hope they start to enforce the laws to make them respect the countries they move to.

Liberal view of Hillary loss

Liberal view of Hillary loss . . .

**warning – strong X-rated offensive language used in this video**
Sadly, the Democrats will not do this. They and their propaganda arm will continue with the lies, half-truths and denial. The left plays the misogyny/racist/homophobe card over and over again until it’s so ingrained, it’s simply the truth like the sky is blue. I bet over half the people that see this video don’t even know where all the rhetoric came from, just that TRUMP IS RACIST. Mark my words, the leftist Media in America will not change course, they have and will continue their lies. then blame the right for their ‘dangerous rhetoric’.

Warning for the United States

A warning for the United States from 1965!

Prophetic words by Paul Harvey. The earliest translation of Paul Harvey’s “If I was the devil” was around 1964. Many variations of “If I were the devil” exist online and the words contained in this video are more accurate to Paul Harvey’s 1996 version.

This wonderful newsman and commentator was so prophetic. A true genius, who had the gift to see where our nation is heading. Too bad he is not here to see his visions being fulfilled.

Warning for the United States