Liberal view of Hillary loss

Liberal view of Hillary loss . . .

**warning – strong X-rated offensive language used in this video**
Sadly, the Democrats will not do this. They and their propaganda arm will continue with the lies, half-truths and denial. The left plays the misogyny/racist/homophobe card over and over again until it’s so ingrained, it’s simply the truth like the sky is blue. I bet over half the people that see this video don’t even know where all the rhetoric came from, just that TRUMP IS RACIST. Mark my words, the leftist Media in America will not change course, they have and will continue their lies. then blame the right for their ‘dangerous rhetoric’.

Warning for the United States

A warning for the United States from 1965!

Prophetic words by Paul Harvey. The earliest translation of Paul Harvey’s “If I was the devil” was around 1964. Many variations of “If I were the devil” exist online and the words contained in this video are more accurate to Paul Harvey’s 1996 version.

This wonderful newsman and commentator was so prophetic. A true genius, who had the gift to see where our nation is heading. Too bad he is not here to see his visions being fulfilled.

Warning for the United States

Face the Muslim facts  — Billydteacher’s Blog

Muslim immigrants and “visitors” are responsible for killing more Americans on American soil than the combined militaries of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. That statistic from David French helps put in context the debate we should be having about radical Islam. Although Muslims in America make up a small fraction of the American population, a […]

via Face the Muslim facts  — Billydteacher’s Blog

Last Chance Europe

Last Chance for Europe

Americans vote Trump. Europe best of luck. England good job on getting out. I always loved England and the rest of Europe. It is so sad to see what is happening.

I’m not sure that Europe still has a last chance anymore. I think it may already be too late for you guys. The Muslims already in your countries are breeding at a high rate while the native Europeans aren’t even having enough children to maintain a stable population. It’s not hard to see how this is likely to end, and it’s not a pretty picture, especially if you happen to be a woman.

I’m sure in the future Europe … Europeans live in sections called “European quarters” if you will, where they live fearfully for the day they’re finally ended. If you don’t agree you’re just a bigot.

I fully agree with Pat. But it´s worse than he says, because it´s not just Merkel. From all the democratic parties in Germany, from the left (Die Linke, Die Grünen, SPD) till even to the political right (CDU, CSU), there is no one which disagrees basically with Merkel. That means the majority of people in Germany are responsible, cause the majority of Germans still vote for these parties, due to the one-sided brainwashing which was going on since the end of WWII.
To say anything against foreigners/immigration, marks you already as a Nazi. Only the AfD kept some sanity. And they of course are called Nazis (which they aren´t but the established parties, the media as well as lobbyists use this to prevent people from opening their minds to have a more objective look). If I was a Brit, I would have voted to leave the EU as well. I don´t get why they allowed Sharia courts in Britain, though (they aren´t even allowed in Germany). I have nothing against Muslims. But they need to adapt to our values and laws, not vice versa. And this means one law for all people. No halal slaughtering. Either there is a rational reason to forbid needless cruelty in slaughtering of animals for everyone or for no one. No burkas and religious headscarfes, which Mohammed only used to control his wives and to make women responsible if they get raped or some Muslim man betrays his wife/wives. Mosques, which teach hatred against other religions and non-religious people, and this includes also that women are subordinant to men and have to obey their husband or their watchdog, need to be shut down and their imams kicked out of the country if they are non-Germans or at least punished harshly if they unfortunately are Germans or have the German citizenship.


Last Chance for Europe

Minneapolis Police Investigate “Terroristic Threats”

You can GUARANTEE  that  when the story involves Muslimss  it goes COMPLETELY UNNOTICED in the US  now.    The media is GIVEN STRICT ORDERS TO BLACK OUT  any & all  stories that  involve  Muslims  PERIOD!

Most of you rich libs in this neighborhood voted for Obama. Enjoy your “Diversity”… We have zero sympathy for any Obama voter who suffers attacks under these people. You were warned, but your White Guilt overrode your common sense. Elections have consequences. Sorry for the rest of you…move to a Conservative state…

Don’t be a racist Islamaphobe, accept your cultural enrichment.